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08 July 2015 @ 12:00 am

Prompt 1: A houseplant is dying. Tell it why it needs to live.

Prompt 2: Write facebook status updates for the year 2017

06 July 2015 @ 03:53 pm
In a second, you can…

Make a decision. Fall in love. Lose someone you’re close to. Feel your world come crashing down. Have your whole day made. Be drenched by an April shower. Realize that the universe has a powerful plan in store for you. Recognize a song on the radio. Decide you’re worth it. Lose all trust in someone.

In a second, you can…

Finally figure it all out. Be proud of someone. Laugh harder than you’ve ever laughed before. Have it all. Gain a new perspective. Choose to be happy. Make someone else’s day. Smell a flower. Regret a mistake. Decide to take the high road. Win a million dollars. Adore a child. Feel the caffeine start to kick in. Hurt someone’s feelings. Learn something new.

In a second, you can…

Cry harder than ever. Feel justice. Lose it all. Change your attitude. Rip your jeans during a game of hide and seek. Be more confused than ever before. Feel accomplished. Realize who someone really is. Appreciate a good friend. Find the perfect dress. Send a message to an old friend. Start to heal.
06 July 2015 @ 03:47 pm

You may have noticed that the layout has changed.  Not sure how I feel about it, it's still up in the air.  If anyone has any thoughts, or wants to create a banner, I am open to suggestions. Alas, I am without photoshop; I put this one together in Paint.
Let me know how this looks on the app and different browsers, etc.

Also! When you tag your posts, put your username/handle/identifiable in the tags as well. It will make it easier if you want to only see what one person has written (i.e. yourself). I don't care what you use as your tag (name, username, pseudonym), just remember it so we don't have one person tagged nine different ways.

I noticed that we're kinda lagging a bit in posting. Since we just started, I think it's to be expected. Does anyone object to the posts being uploaded on Wednesdays? I think It gives us a nice pacing, rather than facing the drama on Monday.

Thoughts/comments/suggestions are welcome.

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06 July 2015 @ 12:39 pm

Thanksgiving 3462 C.E.. I not sure why this holiday exists. What are we supposed to be thankful for? That asteroid still hit the old planet a thousand years ago and this nonsense is just a remnant of the Conglomerate’s old ways, I think. I know the symbols: a strange squat bird that went up in flames with the rest, sort of round orange ornaments (some kind of fruit?), and bizarre caricatures of aborigines in tall buckled hats. No one could possibly be that pale.

Anyway, this year my parents decided to go traditional. Naturally that means the ingredients are replicated and then tossed into the nucleator for an indeterminate amount of time. That’s fine. With the proper programming anything will taste like rib eye… whatever that is. Yet somehow, every year, we still end up with the code defying gelatinous, lumpy, red goop. That fucking “cranberry” sauce.

01 July 2015 @ 12:39 am
Prompt 1: What can happen in a second

Prompt 2: Worst Thanksgiving dish ever

And, we're off.
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30 June 2015 @ 10:55 pm
Okay, quick tutorial for the LJ newbies! (And those of us who forgot that LJ coding is not actual coding.)

There should be a navy bar at the top of your screen that kinda looks like this:

Click the Write a post tab that I have helpfully outlined in red!

There are two main ways to post to livejournal. The first is to your personal journal. You can lock those entries to yourself, a few friends, or leave them open to the public. If you would like to use your journal for actual personal things, I highly suggest you look into how to edit your audience.

When you first click on "Post New Entry", a blank new journal page should load. It will look like this:

As you can see from where the red arrow is pointed, the default way to post is to your journal. We would like to post to a community, specifically 3rulednotebook. To switch over to community posting, you click the tab next to the blue highlighted tab labeled, "To Community".

I should look like this:

3rulednotebook is already listed in the tag as it is currently the only one I belong to, but you can use the dropdown menu if it's not automatically at the top.

From there the page is pretty self explanitory.  The visual editor is pretty handy instead of using LJ code (which is sadly a little different from usual coding, similar to html, I suppose.)

Once your entry is ready to go, before you hit post, check out the bars at the bottom. A couple of them are pretty handy.

The area hilighted in red is kinda awesome. It's a fast way to scroll through entries. The most convieneint way to order things is by week and who posted the entry. I already put in the tags, that this is Week 000, but I will also add that it is a Mod Post. You seperage tags with commas.

Also, there is a privacy setting in the community. You can lock your post to the community (or just the moderator (me)) if the idea of a public entry is uncomfortable.  Totally up to you.

LJ is actually a lot more user friendly than it used to be.  The grey question marks are super useful!

To see the recent postings to the group, you can either go to the community main page, or you can check your "Friends Feed" listed along the top of the page on your navy guide bar.

Comments can be added at the bottom of a community entry.
The page will probably change in design a little over the next few weeks as we all get used to it, and I feel the need to be more creative rather than a standard layout. :P 
21 June 2015 @ 05:11 pm
"This book written in a single day. A single 24-hour period, with no advance notice. Nor was it our idea. An editor-friend of mine rang out of the blue and said, "Let's do a book called 642 Things to Write About."
"My gut response was, "Great, but you don't mean literally 642 things, right? You're using 642 just to represent any big number, so it could be 238 things or 187 things--I mean, 642 things is going to be kind of impossible."
""Okay, we could do a different number," she said, then paused. "But I was thinking 642 things. Literally."
"I was not going to tackle this alone. So the next morning, I e-mailed my office mates at San Francisco Writers' Grotto. There are thirty-five writes here, a warren maze of small offices and library-like carrels. My thought was that if we came up with more than a hundred writing ideas on the first day, then maybe this project could be real. I thought it would take a month.
"People started e-mailing in ideas, in bunches. We had a hundred within an hour. Five hundred by the end of the day, and the ideas kept flowing overnight. Contributions came in from thirty-five different writers. At lunchtime the following day, I delivered the finished manuscript, in person, to our editor.
"I tell this story because it's a lesson in hidden potential. You never know what might happen. In a single day, if you hit the right nerve, you could have something--maybe it's the start of something, maybe it's the whole thing. And it doesn't even have to begin with your own idea. You just have to get creative and plunge in.
"You could use these 642 things literally, by picking an exercise and completing it. Or you can just let them wash over you to stir up your creativity, to remind you that no, not everything has been written, not every good idea is already taken by someone else. There are an infinite number of things one could write about and so many fresh directions for your story to go."
Po Bronson
San Francisco Writers' Grotto
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