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19 October 2015 @ 09:27 am

Continue this sentence into a five-paragraph short story

Hello and welcome to The Coffeelicious’s first-ever writing prompt! Since it’s October, we thought it would be high time for us to start our long-awaited writing prompt.

It’s very simple: Continue the sentence below into a short story, no longer than five paragraphs, and submit it as a response to this post. We will feature the best stories and their writers on our next newsletter. Here is the sentence:

When I got home that night, I noticed the smiling jack-o-lantern in my front yard was crushed.

Would you spin that into a horror scene? A heartbreaking memory? A surreal piece? Go crazy and give us your best!

Cheers! — The Coffeelicious Editorial Team

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Note: I seem to have been missing alerts that things were being posted, so I guess I'm going to have to check the group manually from here on out.

One macbook I owned, a gift from a family friend that worked for apple, had died in a somewhat hilarious manner - out of my skull after general anesthestic, I'd simply forgotton to conintue holding the milkshake that was in my hand. So I'd stopped holding it. Right over the keyboard.

The other one was a lot less amusing and more bewildering. I'd only stepped out for a second. The laundry room was right around the corner from my apartment - I didn't even have to use the elevator, it was right there on the same floor. It was a Saturday afternoon, it was time to pick up my clothes from the dryer, and I closed the laptop, set it on the recliner seat, and took my laundry bag off to collect my things.

When I got back, I tossed the bag into my room, went to sit back down at the computer, but for one little hitch:

It wasn't there.

I couldn't really process, at first, the idea that it had been stolen. I assumed I'd done something featherbrained and left it on the windowsill, or the sofa instead. But it wasn't there either.

Now, it had been plugged in - it was getting old and the battery had long since decided it  had had enough, so it had to be plugged in all the time, or else it would shut down. So the fact that it wasn't within cord radius of the wall was what tipped me off. The possibility felt like a bug crawling into my ear. Stolen? From my apartment, on an upper floor of a keycard-secured building with a guard, with an apartment door that locks itself, in the less than five minutes it took me to get to the laundry room and back? What were the odds?

My roommate's keyboard and digital camera were gone as well, which was a pretty unfun phone call to make. We filed a police report, but they were pretty pessimistic about it, understandably.

As far as I know, it could only have been the security guard - they'd have the ability to enter a locked room, and the knowledge of when someone left due to the cctvs in the halls. They never got our stuff back, I'm not even sure whether they caught the person or not, but it was hard to feel entirely safe in that apartment from then on. 
When I was 13 I asked all my family to give me money for my birthday so I could go shopping for new clothes.

In the first shop I went into with my mum, I was trying on some clothes and a lady stole my wallet out of my mum's bag.

To lose all that money and end up with no presents on my birthday was heart-breaking. We went to the police and reported the theft. As we left the police station we bumped into my maths teacher. He took me for an ice cream and somehow that cheered me up.

I realized that day never to ask for money again as a gift - you never know when your wallet might get stolen...
Oh man, there are so many scenarios that are so amazing, awing, exciting… It’s hard to choose what would be my perfect day... No wait. I know exactly. I’ve had my perfect day, and fairly recently too. Whenever we getting the flight crews ready to go up we always do test runs in the reduced gravity aircraft. In full gear, mind. I took some of the newbies up a few weeks ago to keep them from crashing into each other on the high gravity sweeps. Do you know what we’ve nick named that plane? The Vomit Comet. Every time, without fail, one of them will blow chunks in the helmet, and I laugh my ass off. Whew, I love being an astronaut.
23 July 2015 @ 09:45 am
Prompt 1: Something you had that was stolen.

Prompt 2: The long-lost roomate.

I'm only a day late!
Also, after this, I reserve the right to jump around in the book. Some of the next few prompts are really specific. 
23 July 2015 @ 09:38 am
Give us the kid and no one gets hurt.

I blinked. Paused. Reshuffled the mail.

Bill, bill, bill, note from that weird cousin directly in the trash.

The cut out of colorful letters eventually topped the stack again.  I'm fairly certain I recognized some of the letters from that new razor ad in Women's Health.

I sighed and squinted up at the second story of the house.  My new housemate was kinda young...

I shrugged, and pulled the sharpie out of the junk drawer.


And dropped it back in the mailbox.

note: I struggled with the idea of making a pun out of "kid".  Decided goat jokes were too on the head.
19 July 2015 @ 04:37 pm
I come home to find my boyfriend missing and a note stating he has been kidnapped by a Mexican gang lord who he owes money to - the fucker never told he was a drug dealer!

Good riddance I say ;p

To be clear - the ransom never got paid...
17 July 2015 @ 09:01 am
Prompt 1: You are an astronaut, describe your perfect day.

Prompt 2: Tell a story that begins with a ransom note.

I freaking suck, sorry guys. 

I don't know what you want from me.

I water you: you develop fungas; grass springs up in your pot.
I don't water you: you grow grey. Your flowers stop blooming. Your leaves curl brown.
I've never seen such a difficult plant!

Go ahead.
I've had enough of your melodrama.
Don't you dare live. I shant waste another moment on you. Dry out and die for all I care!


Oh ho ho ho.
What's that? I see new sprouts.
Yeah.  That's what I thought. A little water can go a long way.

Yes, I suck at modding.  I will have the new prompts up tonight.  Sorry, guys...


Prompt 1: A houseplant is dying. Tell it why it needs to live.

Oh, odd little hanging plant with cute purple flowers, I know have grievously mistreated you. But really, you shouldn’t have been left in my care in the first place; I, of the black thumb. I know I don’t water you enough, and perhaps you get too much sunlight. I will try to do better, give me a chance to revive you… Or you could just perk up with all this rain we’ve been having, that works too.

Prompt 2: Write facebook status updates for the year 2017

Just landed in Germany! Time to kick off the honeymoon with bier bier and more bier. And maybe a castle or two.

Hockenheim Grand Prix! Definitely stalking my favorite drivers…. Be very very quiet, I’m hunting Finns. hahahaha



How does one country have so many kinds of sausage? Though, I will never get tired of pretzels…

I should have tried to learn more German before coming here: my pronunciation is abominable.

Ich bin ein Berliner! I am a doughnut.

Dragging the hubs to as many art museums as I can manage. Probably won’t get him inside one for another 5 years….